About this capture

Here you will find the plug-ins that we have available for download. These will have download buttons beneath them.  Any GUIs without a download button are currently in development and not presently available.  All other completed GUIs that are currently in need of a caring and affectionate programmer are available for viewing on the "job ads" page.







GetaBlitchJR - GetaBlitch Jr. is a sequenced gate effect that is different from traditional "trance gates" in two significant ways: first, it uses MIDI to sequence the gate, rather than a built-in step sequencer; second, it gates the left and right channels of a stereo signal independently and potentially simultaneously. (OSX version is now UB - updated on 21.07. 08)

SpinBug - combines a traditional "rotary speaker" effect with a set of new possibilities and parameters, all packaged into a simple and beautiful interface. SpinBug uses phase relationships and a low freq. oscillator in order to reproduce an effect produced by Leslie speakers.




WideBug - a simple tool to enhance the stereo sound of your audio material.

BugPack - All BetabugsAudio plug-ins in one big pack.... the only thing you need to "BUGger this"




Chorrosive - Chorrosive is a simple device: it accepts audio in, runs it through various types of battery acid, and drops it out the other side. Nice.
The aforementioned 'Battery Acid' is comprised of a chorus unit, band pass filter and transistor emulation, applied to the incoming audio in varying degrees. Common usage is via the Large Friendly Dial on the front. Turn it up to stir the acid; turn it down to retrieve your original signal.

SVF� - SVF2 is a 2-pole State Variable Filter (12 dB/oct) which gives the user the option of using low pass, band pass, band reject, high pass, or peak filter output for each stereo channel. More importantly, the user can morph between filter types as he sees fit, and modify the order in which each filter type morphs into the next. This can result in some truly dramatic phase effects, making the SVF2 a powerful creative tool.




Moneo - is a stereo plug-in which treats each channel as a separate monaural source. Each channel may then have its volume attenuated, its position in the stereo field panned, and its sonic character altered with a resonant lowor high-pass filter if you so choose. Moneo is equally comfortable with basic functionality (forcing mono) or inventive destruction of a source's original spatial and spectral identity!

BugPass 1.1 - is a a dual-function plug-in. Its primary job is to serve as a bandpass filter, with sliders which enable a quick visual reference to the size of the frequency band being passed through. However, by reversing the sliderpositions, BugPass will also serve as a notch filter, eliminating frequencies between the sliders while leaving the remaining frequencies intact.




W1Limiter - The BetabugsAudio edition of George Yohng's W1 takes the same spectacular limiting engine and gives it a new interface. The W1 interface follows the BetabugsAudio tradition of simplicity and elegance, while providing an inspiring appearance that matches the plug-in's form to its function. We sincerely hope you like it - cause we do!!! This is the best sounding freeware limiter out there - thanks George. (version 1.1)

CrayonFilter - Crayon Filter is a multi-band filter plug-in. The band controls allow you to add a type of filter to the output of the signal. You can engage up to five filter types at once (one of each type). Low Pass attenuates high frequencies, giving your sound a �dull� feel. Band Pass attenuates both above and below the cutoff frequency, for a �thin� or �nasal� sound...




MonstaChorus - is a true analog style stereo chorus effect with a simple set of controls and fantastic sound quality. It features the usual depth and speed controls, plus a mixture knob to control the ratio of original to effected signal. Astute musicians will also notice that 2 of the knobs go to
13, a clear difference of �3� more points of quality compared to other plugins! (OSX version updated on 10.09.07)

FlofiDeluxe 1.1 - We are proud to announce the release of our newest plug-in: FLOFIdeluxe, which could happen to be described as a pitchdestroying- frequencyshapeshiftinggraintool, so if you've ever needed one of those your prayers have been answered! FloFi combines a filter with an octave pitch shift algorithm.




SimpleSqueeze - This plug-in is the embodi-ment of the Betabugs design ethos.  One knob!  Auto gain make-up is present, and there is an always-on smooth brick-wall limiter at the end, just to make sure you never get any nasty digital clipping.  The knob simultaneously controls threshold and gain, so that the more you crank it, the more squashed your signal gets.

PhaseBug - Its primary function is to shift the phase of an incoming audio signal. This is a critical function in fixing source signals that have phase errors in relation to one another, which can cause inappropriate cancellation or reinforcement of frequencies in a mix.


These programs might harm your computer or hurt your ears, but will soothe your eyes.