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Sample Magic is a well known site where you can purchase loops and samples, It's a mandatory site for anyone interested in making advanced compositions.
Back when the site was home to just a few packages, there were demo versions of them, unfortunately after the site was overhauled these files were removed from the servers and subsequently have been hard to find.
I have managed to track down almost everything hosted on the free downloads page

List of content:

  • 19. Organic House
  • 18. Ultimate FX
  • 17. Soundtrack & Chill (Download Missing)
  • 16. Deep Tech-House
  • 12. Progressive House
  • 11. Minimal Techno
  • 10. Tech-Funk Breaks
  • 09. Funky House Grooves 2
  • 08. Nu-Rave
  • 07. Around The World In 80 Raves
  • 06. Minimal Tech-House
  • 05. Sunset Sessions
  • 04. Electro-House
  • 03. Transmission-X
  • 02. Breakbusters
  • 01. Funky House Grooves was a site run by Zipp, a programmer from Ukrain, sadly the site went down around 2015, which caused everything stored on the site to be lost to time.
While most of these plugins can be found already on the internet, as they have been mirrored on vst4free, as far as I know, I'm the first person to reupload the installer for the bundle.

List of content:

Besides the series of VSTs Zipp also created a set of sample packages, which come from various movies and advertisements

List of content:

  • Knobster Lo-Fi Cinematic Grooves Vol.1
  • Knobster Lo-Fi Cinematic Grooves Vol.2
  • Knobster Lo-Fi Cinematic Grooves Vol.3
  • Voxengo Drum Service Cymbals
    (Not made by Zipp, but was hosted on the site)

Planned Content

I've been recently searching through obscure forums and torrents to obtain various pieces of software that have been lost to time, as of the time of writing this, I'm planning to add a few programs to this site, like FullUrl, BetaBugs Plugins and the Reese's Puff Rap Mixer promo swf, once I get it working.
In the future I am planning to expand the list of programs on this site